Finance and Facilities

Board Committees are an opportunity for Board Members to engage in public dialogue and establish, review, analyze, and discuss policy recommendations prior to consideration by the full Board.

Mission & Purpose

As a committee to the Board of Education, the Finance and Facilities Committee shall serve to oversee strong stewardship of the District’s finances and operations in service of protecting its core mission of educating Philadelphia’s students. In fulfilling its oversight responsibilities, the committee shall build confidence in the management of public funds by communicating its priorities and educating the public on the financial position and outlook of the District.

Meets monthly during the school year;

Receives quarterly reports or briefings on District finances;

Receives the annual presentation of the Lump Sum Budget;

Reviews and recommends budget priorities and District spending; and

Reviews and recommends items for approval related to the District’s Capital Improvement Plan.

Leticia Egea-Hinton, Co-Chair

Lee Huang, Co-Chair

Wayne Walker, Member

Joyce Wilkerson, Member

Public participation will occur for a specific amount of time on the agenda after presentations. Each participant will have 3 minutes to speak. Additional public participants will be allowed if time permits. Comment cards will also be available at each meeting for those who which to submit written comments.

Those interested in speaking may register by completing the form below at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

Contact Information:
Phone: 215-400-4010