Goals & Guardrails

Coming Soon! The Board of Education is now considering new Goals and Guardrails for adoption in December 2020. Look below for more information:


All children are capable of reaching their fullest potential, and they deserve a safe and nurturing school community where they are valued, respected and encouraged. Our vision is to ensure that all students are given an education that allows them to thrive, succeed and lead in a global society.  We are committed to making the changes needed to provide our students, educators, and leaders with the tools to make this vision real.


We believe that education is the key to fostering equity in society, and that education itself must be equitable, especially in a city with a high rate of poverty and in a school district with a majority of students of color and many with special needs. Educational equity means giving each student what they need to reach their fullest potential. This means that some students will require more support and resources than others; and we need to be prepared to meet those needs.

This work is urgent. As a Board, this means our agenda must drive systemic change and dismantle racist practices in a system that far too often has gone unfunded and unchanged. This also means focusing our priorities on student learning and ensuring every child has the resources they need to thrive in our classrooms.

We believe that if we move forward with deep intention and center our work through the lens of racial equity, then we will empower all our students to achieve success. For the Board, the fundamental way to accomplish this is through setting clear expectations for what our students must know and be able to do and then rigorously monitor our progress toward achieving our goals over the next five years. We will not accept sustained disparities in student performance and will commit to ensuring that all of our students succeed.

Below we outline the academic goals and conditions we expect in every school in order to provide educational equity across our system and to ensure that all graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Our students cannot succeed without the academic tools and skills necessary to engage in the 21st Century world. The goals listed below are the benchmarks that we must achieve in order to know that our education system is doing its job, educating students. We will be laser focused on ensuring that ALL students are gaining the skills they need for the future.

  1. Reading
    • Vision: Every student reads on or above grade level.
    • Description: Reading is a bedrock skill for success in school, college, the workplace and life.
  2. Math
    • Vision: Every student performs on or above grade level in math.
    • Description: Students need a strong foundation in mathematics in order to access higher levels of learning in both the middle and high school grades and to succeed in diverse careers.
  3. College and Career
    • Vision: Every student graduates ready for college and careers.
    • Description: Every student needs to have the core academic knowledge and opportunity of experience that will prepare them for post-secondary success.

Student achievement does not happen without providing students with the conditions they need to achieve. The guardrails listed below are the nonnegotiable conditions that must exist in schools in order to reach our goals:

  1. Every school will be a safe, welcoming and healthy place where our students, staff and community want to be and learn each day. This means that our schools will be:
    • Environmentally safe and clean; and
    • Spaces with inclusive climates that provide students with access to robust social, emotional, and mental health supports.
  2. Every student will have a well-rounded education with co-curricular opportunities including arts and athletics integrated into the school experience.
  3. Every parent and guardian will be welcomed and encouraged to be partners in their child’s school community.
  4. The School District will work to dismantle racist practices that hinder student achievement.