Speaker Request Form

Action Meeting Date: March 28, 2019
Meeting Location: 440 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19130
Request Form Due: March 27, 2019 @ 5pm

Those who are interested in speaking at the upcoming Action Meeting of the Board of Education should submit the speaker request form below or call 215-400-5959 to register with Board staff by Wednesday, March 27 at 5:00 p.m. Speakers will be registered by topic, with a limit of (4) four speakers per topic. Student speakers and speaker topics related to Action Items will be prioritized on the agenda, in advance of formal actions by the Board. More information on Action Items can be found on the Board of Education website (https://www.philasd.org/schoolboard/meetingmaterials/). Each speaker will be given (3) three minutes to address the Board. Speakers are also encouraged to submit (1) one written copy of their comments to the Board at the Action Meeting.

Please include your contact information below, a member of the Board of Education staff will be in contact with you to confirm your registration in advance of the Action Meeting.

You may also submit written testimony by emailing comments to the Board of Education (schoolboard@philasd.org) by 5 p.m. on March 27th. Thank you for your interest in speaking at the Board Action Meeting.