Conflict Resolution

The Office of School Climate & Culture is dedicated to providing robust programming that serves the purpose of teaching and reinforcing conflict resolution skills.

Please find out programming options and their connections to conflict resolution below:

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

PBIS provides students with the framework to be taught prosocial, positive behavior, provides staff with the disarming language to redirect students using positive behavior tactics, and provides schools with the ability to focus on reinforcement of preventative, proactive student skill and behavior acquisition.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Through our district-wide implementation of Community Meetings, our SEL work provides a targeted and dedicated daily space for students to be greeted into their classroom, express their feelings and emotions, and learn about conflict and other related strategies for regulating their own emotions.

Youth Court

Youth Court is a restorative alternative to suspension that empowers student leaders at schools as advocates for their fellow students and allows them to have a say in the disciplinary process.  Furthermore, Youth Courts allow students the opportunity to repair hair that has happened, correct mistakes in the past, and learn from their mistakes.

Relationships First

Relationships First is our branding on Restorative Justice Practices.  Within Relationships First work in our district, we strive to provide students with in-depth and structured Community Building Circles that allow students and staff the opportunity to learn, grow, and communicate with each other.  We also utilize Harm and Healing Circles which enable students to engage in meaningful, connective, and difficult conversations that involve conflict in order to restore relationships and repair harm.

Healing Together

To learn more about all that is involved in our district’s Healing Together Initiative, please see the links below!

Social Emotional Learning

Mental Health and Trauma

Community/Morning Meetings

Adult Wellness

Check-In /Check-Out (CICO)

CICO is an evidence-based mentor program that allows students who are struggling to follow school-wide expectations the opportunity to work closely with an adult mentor who consults with the student at the start and the end of the school day.  The conversations between student (mentee) and mentor (adult at the school) are structured around skills, relationships, and strategies for students to engage in behavior modification, including but not limited to their acquisition of conflict resolution skills.