National Institute for Justice Trauma Informed-PBIS Project

The University of Pennsylvania’s Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) was awarded a grant by the National Institute of Justice to build and test an integrated and comprehensive approach to PBIS implementation. Collaborating partners from the Devereux Center for Effective Schools, the University of South Florida, Drexel University, Jefferson University, and the School District of Philadelphia have been working closely with researchers from CPRE to design and implement an integrated trauma-informed and PBIS model since the grant was awarded in 2018.

The project, PBIS in Challenging Contexts, brings intensive resources and supports to  four participating schools within the School District of Philadelphia in an effort to deepen Tier 1 PBIS implementation and increase the reach and effectiveness of Tier II services via an integrated PBIS and trauma-informed practices approach. Philip H. Sheridan Elementary, Joseph Pennell School, John F. Hartranft, and Penrose School were selected as the Demonstration schools for the project and each receive a vast amount of supports including: a PBIS coach at 50%; intensive classroom PBIS support for teachers; whole-school training on trauma-informed practices; a scope and sequence for emphasizing trauma in the practice of PBIS via six brief videos illustrating concrete classroom strategies; supplemental resources that outline practical skills for implementing trauma-informed PBIS practices in both the in-person and virtual school setting; training and support for using Universal Screening to identify and monitor students most in need of Tier II services; training and consultation on the design and implementation of Tier II interventions tailored to students’ needs; and training and coaching on PBIS and trauma-informed practices for School Safety Officers and non-instructional staff.