Mental Health & Trauma

Supports & Resources During Winter Break

Change in routine can be challenging for some, especially during the winter season.  As we prepare for winter break, we wanted to share supports and resources for Adults and Students that can be utilized during this time.  These Supports and Resources can be found HERE.

If additional mental health resources are needed the following supports may be utilized
24- Hour Mental Health Delegate Line: 215-685-6440
The Philly HopeLine: Read More


Professional Development

Pre-recorded Trainings:

Supporting Students through Pandemic: School Transition Concerns: What Should I Do?
Description: The purpose of this training is to share practical ideas and strategies from a trauma informed lens that will help educators and administration best support students as they return to school. Educators and administrators will have a greater understanding of how to identify students that may need additional support and an increase knowledge of possible interventions. Participants will gain an understanding of what to do if a student is not responsive to interventions, including situations where the behavioral health emergency procedures need to be utilized.


Understanding Childhood Trauma and Implementing Trauma-informed School Practice (Link Coming Soon!)
Description: This presentation will address the topic of childhood trauma and how it presents in the learning environment. Covid-19 and racism, as well as recent social unrest due to systemic racism will be discussed as sources of trauma for our student population. Emphasis is placed on “Using a Trauma-Informed Lens” in the classroom, whether in person or virtual.During this training we will review the science of trauma and its impact on learning, as well as how it relates to current events of Covid-19, Racism, and classroom and virtual learning.  We will discuss and practice strategies that can be implemented by teachers, counselors, and school staff to help trauma impacted students learn. We will develop and practice action plans and discuss next steps on this continuum of implementing trauma-informed school practices.

Are You In Tune with Yourself?! Learning Your Stressors and Learning to Cope Utilizing a Support Plan
Description: The purpose of this session will be to explore and identify our own life stressors & triggers and how they show up in our daily lives. Develop and learn coping skills that are tailored to your stressors that will then be made into a personal support plan. Utilize self-created support plans that will aid when life becomes overwhelming.Provide a transfer of learning skills to other peers, students and staff.

The trainings above can be offered in a Live format.  To request these trainings please contact

Live Trainings

Social Stigma Behind Covid-19 and Structural Racism
Description: In this session, participants will unpack the social stigma/racism of COVID-19 and the data surrounding it. The systematic disinvestment in segregated neighborhoods and its impacts on health/access in Philadelphia will be reviewed. Also, reflection on the historical context of racism and relevant skills to discern when something is biased in order to respond effectively will be discussed. Email to request training.
Synchronous trainings are available for trainings listed above. Email to submit requests.

Intensive Behavior Health Services (IBHS) Resources

Parent Resources

  1. IBHS Parent Resources
    1. IBHS Parent Overview
  2. Live Workshops
    1. September 22, 2020: What is Intensive Behavior Health Services?  For Parents and Caregivers

School Resources

     1) Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) Information Session
         Description: This session will give you a foundational understanding of
Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS), what to expect in your schools,
and how the District and CBH partner to support these efforts.

     2) Pathway to Intensive Behavior Health Services (IBHS)
         Description:  Participants will gain a clear understanding of  the key
components of Intensive Behavior Health Services (IBHS) and how to refer and
access support within the MTSS framework.