Youth Court

Youth court is a student run restorative justice program that gives students that make a poor choice an opportunity to improve their behavior without being suspended or punished in the traditional way. Youth Court is run by a group of students that will find a way to help other students become responsible for their behavior and make better choices in the future.  The goal of youth court is to help students take responsibility and teach strategies for students to become more successful.

There are currently nineteen district supported youth courts that serve grades six through twelve.  Schools that run district supported youth courts are provided with training and ongoing support to run a quality youth court.

If you are interested in becoming a youth court school, please contact John Papiano, Youth Court Specialist,  at

Current List of Schools Implementing Youth Court:

Academy at Palumbo
A.M.Y. Northwest
Samuel Gompers School
Thomas A. Edison High School
Warren G.Harding Middle School
Girard Academic Music Program
Grover Washington Jr. Middle School
George Sharswood School
George Washington High School
Samuel Fels High School
Horace Furness High School
Roosevelt Elementary
Charles W. Henry School
Strawberry Mansion High School
William L. Sayre High School
John Bartram High School
Philadelphia Military Academy at Elverson
Philadelphia High School for Girls
William H. Hunter School