Social Emotional Learning Team

Jaimie L. Piotrowicz M.Ed/MBA,
Director of Social Emotional Learning

Jaimie oversees social-emotional learning programming for SDP. In this capacity, she provides direct training and coaching to schools, and trains and collaborates with Office of School Climate and Culture coaches to support social-emotional learning programming in schools. She also oversees the district’s new daily Community Meeting program. Jaimie collaborates regularly with teachers, counselors, and leaders in SDP’s Offices of Academics and Teaching and Learning to ensure that social-emotional principles are integrated smoothly with instructional content, and in ways that work for classroom teachers. Jaimie holds a B.A. from Rutgers University’s and an M.S.Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania. As a classroom teacher in SDP, Jaimie focused on improving academic and social-emotional outcomes for her students through service learning and strategic social and emotional development. Jaimie’s self-care practices include scoring goals in a competitive field hockey league and training her bunnies, Adrian and Poppins, to retrieve hidden treats.

Lauren Keith Thomas, M.Ed/J.D.

Before taking her current role at SDP, Lauren was a special education teacher for 7th- 10th grade humanities classes in the Bronx, NY and West Philadelphia. Before her time in the classroom, Lauren received a J.D. from Seton Hall Law School where she worked in the Center for Social Justice with a focus on how public school integration efforts are impacted by housing policies.
Lauren is a Climate & Culture Coach in the Office of Climate and Culture. She is deeply committed to supporting and training schools in creating and sustaining equitable, welcoming, and joyful learning environments. Lauren recently joined the Relationships First team where she will work with schools to incorporate restorative practices in their daily community-building and disciplinary systems. Additionally, she works with a cross-department team of specialists that will be using principles from Implementation Science to study and understand implementation challenges so that more targeted supports can be provided to schools as they implement evidence-based practices in climate and culture.
Lauren is always willing to discuss: racial justice, being a mom, broadway musicals, outdoorsy things, delicious recipes and anything else really because she’s an enneagram 9 and loves to listen.

Kendra Jenkins, M.S.W.

Kendra currently works for the School District of Philadelphia as a Social Emotional Learning Specialist. She is also part of the district Implementation Science team that studies the barriers and facilitators of effective program implementation to improve outcomes of evidence-based practices related to climate & culture.

Kendra’s background is in philanthropy and, prior to joining the District, she worked for local, regional, and national organizations, with a strategic focus around equity, education, public health and social justice. Kendra has also consulted with numerous organizations as a trainer and grant reviewer, to ensure the equitable distribution and allocation of resources to communities of color. Currently, Kendra is in her second year as an Impact100 Founders Fellow in Philanthropy.

Kendra earned her Master’s in Social Work and Policy, focusing on Social Administration and Human Service Management. Throughout her professional career, Kendra has remained committed to creating diverse and functional partnerships, and building the capacity of organizations to better serve communities. She has special interest in adult wellness and leadership development.

You can find Kendra hiking every trail around the region, rediscovering Philly, trying a workout routine and detailing her calendar with future live music festivals and concerts.