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CSPR COVID-19 UPDATE (September 2020)

Thank you to all Comprehensive School Planning Review (CSPR) schools, your communities, and planning committee participants for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

As shared at the outset of the COVID 19 pandemic, the CSPR process has been on pause while the District has focused on the urgent work of providing services and education to students and their families throughout the public health crisis.

The CSPR team, and our partners at FLO Analytics, have continued to work to compile data for district-wide forecasting, to inform our work when we are ready to restart. When we communicated earlier this year, we hoped to share this information in July; however, in the current environment, with attendance, budgets, and basic school programming and services still in flux, we are not yet able to finalize forecasts. We hope to have an updated timeline for completing forecasts once schools reopen for in-person instruction.

In the meantime, while our public engagement remains on pause, we plan to use our time this fall to review and confirm forecast data, and to determine what an appropriate path forward for the CSPR process may be given the significant changes that have taken place since we started. Our aim is to use our time to make sure that the process we engage in when we are ready to restart is better informed, includes active, authentic engagement, and is focused on planning for the best education possible for our students and families.

CSPR COVID-19 UPDATE (April 2020)

All Planning Committee meetings and Community Input Forums for the Comprehensive School Planning Review (CSPR) process are canceled for the remainder of the school year and the CSPR is being paused.

Given the continued uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not yet able to provide updated dates and times for new meetings and making recommendations to the Board of Education. We are hopeful that we can restart the CSPR process in fall 2020 or when social distancing is lifted.

For the remainder of the school year the CSPR team is focused on:

  • Supporting FLO Analytics as they work to deliver final, district-wide forecasts in July 2020. The forecasts will include demographic, population, and housing data for all district-run and renaissance charter schools. No options, decisions or recommendations will be made based solely on this information.
  • The CSPR survey created to get feedback from families and community members on options being considered for Cycle 1 schools is being postponed until the CSPR process restarts.  When the survey is issued, notifications about and links to the survey will be sent in multiple formats – by robocall, email and text message.

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