CSPR Cycle 1 Overview


The School District of Philadelphia has a clear vision: For all children to have access to a great school, close to where they live.

The overall goal is for the District to design schools in every neighborhood that meet the educational needs of the changing population by:

  • optimizing utilization of our buildings to ensure students have access to a high-quality school close to where they live
  • investing limited capital dollars where needed most
  • creating thoughtful transitions for students at elementary and middle grades

A Message from Dr. Hite on Comprehensive School Planning Review(CSPR)

Cycle 1 includes 3 study areas and 21 schools. These include:

Study Area 1 in South Philadelphia
Study Area 2 in North Philadelphia
Study Area 3 in West Philadelphia

We grouped schools and prioritized study areas using a series of considerations, including, but not limited to: school locations and proximity to each other, existing awareness of fluctuations in enrollment in certain neighborhoods, and existing plans for capital investment.

The Comprehensive School Planning Office began meeting with individuals from the study area schools for the first year of our work. Starting in November 2019, the CSPR Office held a series of meetings with what are known as ‘Planning Committees’ in each of the 3 areas being studied. These committees consist of four representatives from each school in the area: the principal, a teacher, a parent, and a representative chosen by principal. They also include representatives from the local City Council offices and a city planner. The summaries of these meetings are available here.

Public input meetings (Community Input Forums) will be held during the first week of March and the first week of April. To join one of those meetings, RSVP here. Please note CSPR Planning Committee meetings and upcoming April Community Input Forums are POSTPONED in alignment with district guidance on the Coronavirus.  

To learn more about what is being discussed in each study area, please click on the area you are interested in learning more about below: