Updated Timeline for Cycle 1


The Comprehensive School Planning Review Office has updated the timeline for the first year of the Comprehensive School Planning Review (CSPR) Process to provide more time for collaboration and feedback.

In November and December, the CSPR Office held three rounds of meetings with what are known as ‘Planning Committees’ in each of the 3 areas being studied. These committees consist of four representatives from each school in the area: the principal, a teacher, a parent and a representative chosen by the principal. They also include representatives from the local City Council offices and a city planner.

After holding the first two rounds of planning committee meetings in November and early December, the CSPR office received feedback from educators and community members on these committees that they wanted more time to review and discuss information, before moving onto identifying solutions and preliminary options for their respective study areas.

This change will provide us with the collective time, space, and structure to proceed with a collaborative and productive process. It will also ensure that we are hearing from the public at the appropriate times, in a way that maximizes our ability to consider their input.

In response to the feedback from committee members, the CSPR team reviewed the proposed schedule and determined that in order to give the planning committees adequate time to deliberate before forming options, they would need to move the input forums that are open to the public. The purpose of the public input forums will be to provide feedback on a preliminary set of options identified by their planning committee representatives.

Key Dates for Public Input now include:

1/21: Updated timeline and information uploaded to District Website
3/3 – 3/5: Input Sessions in Study Areas Open to the Public
4/21 – 4/23: Input Sessions in Study Areas Open to the Public

Updated timeline is as follows:

Nov-Dec 2019: Planning Committees met 3 times in each Study Area to review data and identify key issues.

Jan 21, 2020: Updated timeline and information made available

Mid Jan-Feb 2020: Planning Committees meet twice to deliberate about potential solutions and preliminary options.

Week of March 2, 2020: Public Input Forums

Mid-March-Mid-April 2020: Planning committees meet twice to consider public input on preliminary options, and to develop preliminary recommendations.

Week of April 21, 2020: Public Input Forums

May 2020: Planning committees meet once more to incorporate public input into recommendations and prepare them to be brought forward to the Board of Education

June 2020: Bring Recommendations to the Board of Education

We deeply value the time and consideration of our educators, parents, and community members who have chosen to be a part of this process. And we appreciate our larger school communities in these areas for their patience, as we work to get this process right in our first year, and to bring forward preliminary options to react to that have been appropriately considered by their peers.