Q1. What steps does the School District of Philadelphia take to keep its students and staff safe?

A1. Safety is our office’s primary concern. To that end:

1. All School Safety Officers complete a four-week comprehensive security training program before starting work and must follow up with 24 hours of staff development training each year.

2. All School District employees must have photo ID cards at all times. School doors are kept locked during instructional hours. Visitors to all schools must register with the front office.

3. School District Safety Officers work closely with school principals to track misconduct and respond to trends. Upon request, officers will conduct unannounced student screenings using mobile metal detectors or increase the number of officers assigned to a specific school. The officers also work with external law enforcement agencies including the Philadelphia Police Department and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

4. The School Safety Support Services Unit maintains all alarms and closed circuit TV systems and handles after-hours emergencies involving vandalism, property damage or an external threat caused by weather. Call 215-400-6434 to report after-hours incidents.

Q2. Is there a code of conduct my student is expected to follow?

A2. Yes, the School Reform Commission has an approved Code of Student Conduct which applies to all students while they are traveling to and from school and any school-related event in addition to regular school hours. A copy of the document is available in hard copy from your school’s principal.

The code of conduct includes information about behavioral expectations, attendance and truancy, and definitions of disruptive behaviors.

Q3. How can I report a problem?

A3. In case of emergency, call the School District’s safety hotline: 215-400-SAFE (215-400-7233). In non-emergencies, the Office of School Safety can be reached at 215-400-4710.