Classrooms Raise the Bar Using Applied Behavior Analysis

In January of 2017, the Office of Specialized Services received a 1.5 million dollar grant to support the use of interventions based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in select Kindergarten-2nd grade Autism Support classrooms. Applied Behavior Analysis is the use of evidence-based techniques to create meaningful behavior change. Interventions based on ABA are the most effective interventions for students with Autism. ABA can be used to teach students new skills and also to reduce problem behaviors.

Through this grant, classrooms receive coaching in Applied Behavior Analysis from an ABA Coach, as well as, training in Verbal Behavior. Many students who previously struggled to sit for instructional tasks, communicate their wants and needs and interact with peers and adults have made significant gains as part of this program. The Office of Specialized Services is excited to expand this training to additional classrooms this school year so that a variety of interventions are available to our students with Autism.