Philadelphia Secondary Autism Projectes (PSAP)

The Philadelphia Secondary Autism Project (PSAP) brings evidence-based practices to classrooms throughout the district. The program focuses on improving instruction to meet the educational needs of students with significant learning challenges, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Now serving the secondary level, the PSAP provides professional development workshops and in-class coaching to ensure fidelity of instructional practices.


Introductory and advanced workshops for district-wide secondary staff serving students with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays.

• Evidence-based practices and effective curricula appropriate for each grade level.

• General education workshops and supports for teachers serving students with autism in inclusion settings.

• Classroom consultation support promotes the implementation of effective instructional methods.

• Curriculum tools available for project classrooms to ensure implementation fidelity, data-based decision-making, and measurement of student outcomes.


Professional Development Workshops

• Comprehensive workshops conducted at the beginning of each year

• Administrator training opportunities

In-Class Consultation

• Series of consultation activities to ensure a high level of fidelity of implementation

• Training on classroom routines and individual lesson plans to ensure student progress.

Virtual Learning

• Follow-up webinars available to all workshop attendees

• Online course modules for general education instructors

• Lesson implementation video streaming

Curriculum Tools

• Comprehensive curricula for preschool, elementary, and secondary students

• Access to online resources, including a library of visual supports, theme-based instructional    units, and an electronic scheduling system

• Lesson implementation video streaming