Training, Technical Assistance & Consultation

Training and Consultation (TaC)

IDEA has required states to have Training and Consultation (TaC) services. Each state must develop a system to ensure that all education personnel are adequately prepared and receive continuing education. TaC uses a process which includes preservice, inservice and technical assistance for education staff, administrators and other service providers with the end result being better programs and services for all children and youth. This is accomplished by collaborating with all stakeholders, disseminating best practices, and the evaluation of TaC activities linked to the Intermediate Unit.


TaC provides relevant training for school staff and families that improves skills in serving students with disabilities. Inservice is usually based upon data received from annual needs assessment and requirements that arise from the IEP process. The TaC staff helps support and organize relevant inservice training such as Access to the Core Curriculum and Progress Monitoring.


Collaboration involves sharing resources and information, setting common goals, and working together. Collaboration is the glue that holds the TaC components together. A main objective of TaC is to offer opportunities for members of the educational community and families to work together for a common cause, namely improving services to students with disabilities.

Technical Assistance

The Office of Diverse Learners TaC Team develops trainers and technical assistance providers for a wide variety of critical special education issues including IEP development, transition, working with students with behavioral difficulties, and inclusion. The end result is quality education and services for students with disabilities.