If you are an out-of-school time (OST) program that intends to operate in a District-managed school this year, please take some time to review the guidance below regarding start-up procedures.

In addition to the start-up procedures below, outside partner organizations, including OST programs, must provide a valid certificate of insurance and background clearances for any individuals regularly working on behalf of your program in schools.  For more information on these requirements and the processes for submitting this required documentation, please review our Onboarding Guide.

All school-based OST programs must be covered by a legal agreement with the School District of Philadelphia.  All DHS-funded OST programs are already covered by a Memorandum of Understanding between the District and DHS, so these programs do not need to obtain a separate legal agreement.  All other programs, including those funded through 21st Century Community Learning Center grants, must obtain a legal agreement.  For these other programs, the best option for quickly formalizing a legal agreement is likely the School Partner Agreement.

Collaboration Plan

Communicating early and often is one of the keys to establishing and sustaining a successful school-based partnership.

Department of Human Services (DHS) OST programs are required to use the OST Collaboration Plan as a guide in discussing program goals and logistics with their host principals.  The Collaboration Plan covers a number of topics that are important for programs and schools to discuss including program schedule, goals of the school and program, space(s) required, etc.  We encourage you to keep a copy on file and revisit it regularly throughout the year to ensure that your program and the school continue to be on the same page.

For a video presentation that covers the topics of school-year startup and the Collaboration Plan, please click play on the embedded video below:

Use of Facilities

In the 2019-2020 school year, OST providers must complete the EH-45 form (available here) with their school principals.  The school is then responsible for entering the request into the Facilities Management System.  For further information, please visit the Office of Facilities website.

In order to submit a request, your program will need to provide a valid certificate of insurance (example) and additional insured endorsement (example).  The School District requires the actual Additional Insured Endorsement.  This is a separate document which endorses the School District of Philadelphia as the Additional Insured on the General Liability policy.  Your insurance agent/broker should know the document being referred to when the Additional Insured Endorsement is requested.

Please ensure that your insurance certificate matches the following criteria:
  1. “The School District of Philadelphia, 440 N. Broad Street, Suite 325, Philadelphia, PA 19130” is listed as the certificate holder
  2.  This language is included in the “Description of Operations” section of the certificate:
    • “The School District of Philadelphia, its officers, employees and agents, shall be named as additional insured per written contract”

After-School Meals

The District’s Office of Food Services can provide after-school snacks to any OST program based in a District school.  Requests for meal service must be submitted using an online application, which can be found on the Office of Food Services website. Requests for meals take time to review and process. Please, review the chart available on the after-school meals information page to determine the deadline for registration based on your project started date.

In order to complete the meals registration process, programs must provide a roster of program participants which can be uploaded on the after-school meals information page.  The number of meals that the Office of Food Services will deliver is based on the number of participants on the roster that your program submits.  You are encouraged to download and use this roster template.

Should your program enrollment grow after you submit your initial application and roster, you should upload an updated roster and reach out to foodsetup@philasd.org to request a meals increase.