Summer Camps

Summer Camps in District-Operated Schools

Each summer, the School District of Philadelphia hosts summer camps operated by outside organizations.  If you are one of these organizations, and you have received approval to operate in District schools, please see below for information on the relevant policies and procedures.

All programs that are approved to operate in District-operated schools MUST:

  1. Register to use District facilities for summer programs through the Office of Facilities (see “Use of Facilities” below)
  2. Register for the District’s meal service through the Office of Food Services (see “Registering for Meals” below)

Use of Facilities

Organizations must complete an EH-45 form for each program site and submit it via e-mail to  In addition, if your organization is not already covered by an existing legal agreement with the School District of Philadelphia, your organization will also need to submit a signed Indemnification Form and a valid certificate of insurance.

Please note that all program provider organizations that receive funding through the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services are covered under an existing Memorandum of Understanding.

Please see below for a step-by-step process for registering to use District facilities:

  1. Confirm if your organization has a customer number or needs to request one (click here for a list of organizations and customer numbers)
  2. If necessary, complete the EH-45C (Customer Number) form to request a customer number and e-mail the completed form to
  3. Complete the EH-45 form for each program location at which you are approved to operate and e-mail completed form(s) to
  4. If necessary, submit the signed Indemnification Form and valid insurance documentation to

See below for electronic/fillable versions of the documents referenced above:

Customer Numbers for Summer Program Providers

EH-45C (Customer Number)


Indemnification Form

Registering for Meals

All programs operating in District schools MUST use the District’s meal service.  Programs may not register for, or use, outside meal service providers without the approval of the Office of Food Services.

Please visit the Office of Food Service’s summer programs webpage for information on how to register for meals for your summer program.