Mandated Health Screenings

Keeping your child healthy is essential to their educational success.  The School District of Philadelphia takes this responsibility very seriously. We acknowledge that we are best able to serve all students equally well when we establish strong working relationships with parents and the community.

The Pennsylvania Public School Code requires specific health screenings, based on grade level, to all students in Pennsylvania. These are considered screenings and are not to be a substitute for regular checkups with a pediatrician. School nurses perform the following health screenings:

·       Growth Screening (height and weight)-All grades K-12

·       Vision Screening –All grades K-12

·       Hearing Screening –Grades K, 1,2,3,7,11

·       Scoliosis Screening (curvature of the back)-Grade 6,7

In addition to the screenings provided by the school nurse, The School District of Philadelphia has partnered with various health care providers to provide services for children who may have a difficult time obtaining the services they need to reach their optimal health.  These health care providers may offer services to your child during the school year.  Parents will be required to complete a written consent form prior to their child receiving services from any Health Care Provider working with the school district.

The school district will provide complete information to parents/guardians regarding the services being offered, schedule for services and a follow up report of the service provided.  Please contact your school nurse if you have any concerns or questions regarding the Partner Health Care Services.