The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement offers students and families many types of assistance.

Enrollment and Registration – When a student applies for admission to any school, it becomes the responsibility of the school to complete enrollment if the student resides within the boundary lines or has an approval to the school. Resident students have a legal right to attend until age 21, unless they have completed a program through graduation or have been validly expelled.

Kindergarten Overcrowding Reassignments
– Because Kindergarten is on a first come first serve basis, a school can fill all their seat allocations rather quickly. If this happens, the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement will work with your neighborhood school to reassign the Kindergarten Student to the next closest District school with space.

Renaissance Charter Reassignments – If your neighborhood Elementary and or Middle School is a Renaissance Charter School that does not have space in the grade your child is in, the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement will reassign your child to the designated or next closest District school that has space.  If your neighborhood high school is a Renaissance Charter School that does not have space in the grade your child is in, you may choose from ANY District neighborhood high school (with the exception of Northeast, Kensington CAPA, Kensington Health & Sciences or Kensington High School) for your child to attend. All you would need to do is take photo identification and two proofs of address to the neighborhood school to register.

School Selection – Allows the opportunity for students going into Kindergarten up until the 12th grade to apply to a different District school for the following school year. This process opens in September and closes in November of each school year for admission in September the following school year. Types of school that can be chosen are different neighborhood schools as well as the criteria based city-wide and special admission schools. Charter schools and tuition-based schools are not apart of this process.

Delegation of Parental Authority – Not used to circumvent the School Selection Process, Parental Delegations are for when a child is living with a resident of the School District of Philadelphia who is of school age and not the resident’s own child but supporting the student as if s/he were.

Residency Affidavit – These are processed at EACH District School and valid for only one (1) school year, Residency Affidavits are used if a parent or legal guardian cannot produce the required two proofs of address necessary for registration in a School District of Philadelphia School.