**Due to COVID-19 and the school year ending, all schools are currently closed.  Registrations will not occur at neighborhood schools until further notice.

Please be advised that we are currently developing a process for families to be able to start the registration process before schools open again in September.  Please continue to check back during the week of August 17th, for updates and announcements.**

Please email the Office of Student Placement and Enrollment at osep@philasd.org with any questions or need for assistance in the meantime.
~ Thank you

Our goal is to help families enroll each child into their neighborhood school.  If you are interested in choosing a school that is NOT your neighborhood school, that is a different process, which will open again in September of 2020 and be for admission September 2021.  For more information about registering your child into a school that is not your neighborhood school, please visit School Selection Process.