New Kindergarten Applications:

Welcome to the online registration for Kindergarten! We are excited to welcome you to the School District of Philadelphia.

Registering online is easy but does require a number of steps, and a number of documents you’ll need to provide (see below).

  • Be prepared to spend 15 minutes to a half hour filling out the form online, plus whatever time you’ll need to collect and prepare the documents we’ll need.
  • We highly recommend you gather your important documents first, and then either scan or photograph them and save them so you can quickly upload everything when the system asks for them.
  • This electronic sign-up also requires you to provide an email address where we can contact you with updates.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

• Gather your documents!

Prior to accessing the Online Registration platform, parents/guardians should have the following important documents, in electronic form (pdf or jpg):

  • Proof of your student’s age (ie birth or baptismal certificate and medical records with student’s date of birth)
  • Two (2) documents showing your address (ie  lease, deed, or utility bills with your name and the address in which you reside)
  • Immunization records
  • Government issued parent/guardian photo ID (recommended, not required)

Parents/guardians will also need to supply an email address when completing the Online Registration application in order to receive updates from the school regarding the status of the application.

You’ll be prompted to fill in your address, parent/guardian information, emergency contact information, educational history, and medical information for each student you are attempting to complete an application for, in addition to other required information.

Note: One of your first steps will result in you being shown the application number assigned to your application, as well as the first name, last name and birth date of the person who submitted the application. Keep this information in a safe place. You may need to use this information later if you need to resubmit an application for any reason.

You will also upload the documents listed above.

**When you have filled in the application, don’t forget to hit SUBMIT!**

After clicking Submit, you will receive an on-screen confirmation stating that you have submitted your application. Be sure  to print or save an electronic version of your online application!

The school will then review your application and uploaded documents.

When you log on to register, keep this list of mini-videos handy for reference as you work through the application. We walk through each step and answer common questions:

And here’s a pdf “stepper” that provides visuals, screen by screen, to also help explain each section of the online registration form.

What happens next?

Submitted Applications:

After submitting an application, your application will be reviewed by staff at the school in order to ensure that it has met all enrollment criteria. During this process, you may receive email communication to the email address provided during the online registration process to keep you informed of the application’s status.

Depending on the status of your application, you may receive one or more Online Registration Status updates via email. Parents/guardians are not required to reply to these messages, but can contact the school for more information.

If you have any questions, you can contact Office of Student Enrollment and Placement at