Notification Process FAQ

How exactly will you receive the notification?

In January 2021:

District Families and Students:

On January 15, 2021, you must log into your Account through the Family or Student Portal (the same way you applied to the schools back in September). Note: Traffic to the site is traditionally very high, so if you don’t get through at first, wait a few minutes and try again!

Once you’re logged in, please look on the left side of the screen for the navigation options and go to the “Message Center”.  The School Selection Graduation Cap
Icon will appear to the right (Green Icon for Students and Grey Icon for Parents).  From there, you will click on the School Selection icon which will take you to your application.

There will now be a link that says “click here to see results”. You will see the list of schools you applied to, and next to each school, you will see the decision each school made.

You will see that you have either been (a) Accepted, (b) been Wait Listed, or (c) have been Disapproved the schools you applied to.  See below for more info on each.

Non-District Students:

You will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address that was provided when filling out the application.

(Please make sure to check ALL of the inboxes to your e-mail account because sometimes the response can end up in the “junk”, “trash” or “spam” folder by accident.)

You’ll find a link in the email, which you can click on, and it will open to your letter where you can see your results.

You’ll see that you have been(a) Accepted, (b) been Wait Listed, or (c) have been Disapproved. See below for more info on each.


What happens if I receive a(n):

(a) Approval?

YOU MUST REPLY. You must reply by selecting the school you wish to attend. If you have been accepted by more than one school, please select the one you want to attend. Even if you only have ONE APPROVAL, you MUST RESPOND to let us know if you still want to attend that school.

District Students: Please click the appropriate box, reflecting your decision to “Accept the Approval” or “Decline the Approval” next to the schools on your list.  At the bottom of the page, click the UPDATE APPLICATION button to save your selection.

Non-District Students: please follow the instructions on your notification letter.

**Your reply must be submitted before the designated response time indicated on your School Response Notification in January 2021.**

If you do NOT choose one of the approved schools or reply by the designated response time, your approval automatically switches to a Disapproval, and your spot will no longer be available.

REMEMBER: EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE ONE APPROVAL, you must still reply to commit to that school and secure your spot.

(b) Wait List:

You may find that you were wait listed at one or more schools.

(i) If you were accepted by one or more schools, but wait-listed on others, begin the process by selecting your first choice among the schools that approved you. Then wait to hear from your wait-listed schools (see below).

(ii) If you are only wait-listed, that means you’re currently slated for your neighborhood school, but awaiting a possible spot from a wait list.

In either case, there is no additional action required from you, while you wait to hear back from your wait-listed schools (except if you fit into scenario (i), you must select your first choice among the schools that approved you, while you wait). The School Selection process consists of two rounds of notifications. If your child is selected from a waiting list in the second round, you will receive communication directly from that school. You will decide then, whether to change from the school you’ve currently accepted, or to accept the new offer from the wait list school.

If you decline the offer from the wait list school, you don’t need to do anything else; you’ll stay enrolled in the school you chose initially. If you accept the new offer, you still don’t need to do anything – the new school will change your status in the system for you.

You will receive a final notification by the end of February 2020 (same process as the initial notification so check your account or email, depending on whether you’re a District or Non-District student). If you’ve changed schools, your notification status on that wait list school will now say “Approved”, and your former school’s status will now reflect “Disapproved.”

Remember: If you got accepted by one or more schools but wait-listed at another/others… 
You must still choose a school from your current choices in order to hold a spot while you wait for an answer from your list of wait listed schools. You will be allowed to make a change if you are accepted later by your wait listed school(s), but you don’t want to risk losing your spot.

(c)  Disapproval?

A Disapproval indicates that the School Based Selection Team evaluated the student’s application and supporting documents, and has determined that the student does not meet the entrance criteria.  You must choose from the schools that have approved your application.

If you were not approved by any of your selected schools, you will automatically be enrolled in your neighborhood school.  To pursue further action, please contact the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement at