School Selection Process FAQ’s


School Selection FAQ


What responses will I receive from the schools to which I applied?

Admissions decisions are APPROVE, DISAPPROVE, and WAIT LIST. If the decision is DISAPPROVED, a reason for the disapproval is provided in the decision.


Do I need to do anything else, if I receive an Approved from the school of my choice?

Yes. You MUST click “Accept” next to the school you wish to attend, and hit SUBMIT.


How long do I have to confirm my intent to attend a school that approved my admission?

You have six (6) business days.  The deadline to confirm a placement is 5:00 PM, January 21, 2020.


What happens if I am placed on a school’s waitlist?

There is no required action on your part at this time. You simply wait to hear from that school, in the weeks that follow the initial notification. If you are extended an offer, you will work directly with that school to accept or decline that offer. And that school will change your status in the system accordingly, based on your decision.


All changes and updates are reflected in a final notification that is posted or emailed (depending on if you’re a District student or not) by the end of February 2019.


If I am accepted to a school and I confirm my intent to attend will my name be removed from the wait list of other schools?

No.  Students will not be removed from the wait list of any school if he or she confirms his or her acceptance of an approved school.


However, it should be noted that there is a “1 jump rule”.  This means that if a waitlisted school offers an approval, and the student accepts, the choice is final.  No further changes will be accepted after the new approval has been confirmed.

So if you were waitlisted at more than one school and you receive an offer, consider carefully before you commit because you can only change your selection ONCE.


What will happen if I do not confirm my intent to attend a school that approved my admission? 

If you do not confirm your intent to attend a school that approved your admission for September 2018, the Approval will become a Disapproval for lack of response. The seat will be offered to a student who is on that school’s waitlist.


If I receive no approvals or waitlist decisions to any of my choices, what do I do?

Students are guaranteed admission at your neighborhood high school. Our District high schools offer a variety of academic enrichment and Career and Technical Education Programs. Visit your school’s website or schedule an on-campus visit to learn more about the school.


My 8th grade student applying to 9th grade has and IEP, 504 Plan, and/or receives ESOL services and did not receive any approvals (this does not include “Wait list”).  What are my next steps?

If you have any questions concerning ESOL students applying to high school, please contact the Office of Multilingual Curriculum and Programs at 215-400-4240.

If you have any questions concerning students with IEP’s and 504 Plans applying to high school, please contact the Office of Specialized Services at 215-400-4170.