School Selection Process for Current School District of Philadelphia Students

Where to Start for District Students

***Before applying, please make sure you have your Student Identification Number, password and any supplemental supporting documents in electric format.***

Each Criteria Based School (City Wide and Special Admission) has their own admissions criteria listed on their individual website.  The best place to start is by reviewing the criteria of the various schools and making sure your child’s academic records match that of the school(s) they want to apply to.

All criteria-based schools look at:

  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Behavior

However for Special Admission Schools, they also look at Standardized Test Score Results. They might also ask for an audition, interview or written essay (criteria vary from school to school).

If your student is an existing District student, the process is very simple: their electronic records (report card grades, PSSA test scores, attendance and disciplinary records) will be automatically submitted to the schools listed on the application.

If a student has a support IEP, an English Language Learner or a 504 Medical Plan, the family should work with their school counselor to ensure proper advocacy for LeGare.

*Remember, ALL applications must be submitted on line between the designated fall window (mid-September to mid-November) preceding the year you’d like student to start in the selected school.


Research your options for schools
There are three types of School District of Philadelphia schools:  Special Admission (has criteria), Citywide Admission (has criteria and lottery), and Neighborhood schools (lottery). Once you have the schools you like, make sure you have what you need to apply to the schools of your choice .

Check your student’s academic record
Review your student’s report card grades, PSSA test scores, attendance and disciplinary records and compare to the admission criteria of your desired school as this is the information that will be used to make a determination.

Submit your application
Since your student attends a School District of Philadelphia school, you are able to use your parent or student account to submit your application.  Your account is accessed through the Student & Parent portal off the District website,  For more information on the portal, please click on FACE.  District families can enter in their application themselves (with child’s ID or password), or with the help of a school counselor. Either way, please make sure there are open lines of communication between you and the school counselor.

Turn in supporting documentation and finalize steps
There are a few schools that require additional steps, such as interviews and essays.  Please work with the counselor at your school to finalize all the steps needed when applying to these schools.

Follow Up
Please work with your counselor to stay up-to-date on times and deadlines for the process.