School Selection – What’s Next?

What’s Next?

  • Ensure your application was submitted correctly, with all the items needed.  Unfortunately with our current software, you WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED is something is missing.
    • Non District students should check e-mail for the confirmation receipt that the application west through (this does NOT MEAN AN APPROVAL – just that your application WAS RECEIVED).
  • First round of decisions comes out late January, early February so stay tuned.

Being Accepted

  • Your notification will list each school you applied to, and whether or not your child was accepted to that school, not accepted, or wait-listed.
  • You will choose which school your student will attend by accepting one of the schools that has offered your student a spot. You may only accept one school, and you cannot change your selection once you’ve made it, unless you were wait-listed by another school, and you receive an offer by that school, in the weeks that follow. In that case, you may change your initial acceptance to the new (wait-listed) school.
    • You may only change your selected school once. So if you have been wait-listed by more than one school, you may find you have to wait to make final decisions until you’re sure you’ve heard back from everyone you’re interested in.