Special Announcements Regarding Some District Schools

Penn Alexander School

This school is a “partnership school” meaning the District and the University of Pennsylvania have a written agreement related to the Penn Alexander School.  In compliance with this agreement, the District must adhere to the geographical boundary lines of the school. Therefore, no out of boundary placements will be made into this school. The District conducts a computerized lottery to enroll the Kindergarten class. The lottery also creates the waitlist, which is used when a seat becomes available.  If seats become available in grades 1-8, the school will fill the seat using its current waitlist which is renewed annually.

Kensington Complex

The Kensington Complex is comprised of three high schools: Kensington High School, Kensington Health Sciences, and Kensington CAPA. These schools have career- or arts-focused curricula and do not have admission criteria, and therefore are classified as neighborhood high schools. These high schools are populated by an established feeder pattern of elementary and middle schools. The students from this feeder pattern are enrolled into the complex of schools through the School Selection Process.

Families living in the Kensington Complex feeder pattern should visit the Kensington Complex webpage for information regarding how to be placed into one of the three high schools

Career & Technical Education

Changing CTE programs in the 11th or 12th grades is prohibited.  A student must stay in their chosen CTE program or move into the general, college preparatory track of learning for the remainder of their high school career.