2021-2022 Student Code of Conduct


2021-2022 Code of Conduct


The Purpose of the Code of Conduct


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to provide guidance and information about students’ rights and outline clear expectations for all school community members including students, parents/guardians, and staff. The Code also outlines parent/guardian rights and equips staff with guidelines for modifying and teaching appropriate behavior. The Student Code of Conduct provides alternatives to exclusionary discipline and has as a goal eliminating inequitable disciplinary practices for black and brown students.


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For copies of the Code of Conduct in languages other than English, please contact The Translation and Interpretation Center at phone number 215-400-4180, or consult the Center’s website – Multilingual Language Pages.


KUJTESË: Kodi i Sjelljes së Nxënësit është i plotë në uebsajtin e Drejtorisë Arsimore – https://webapps.philasd.org/ stor/Code_of_Student_Conduct_Albania n.pdf Kodi mund të merret si broshurë në drejtorinë e shkollës, ose nga Zyra e Përfshirjes së Familjes dhe Komunitetit, me telefon 215- 400-8480, ose website – www.philasd.org/language/ albanian

https://webapps.philasd.org/stor/ اﻟرﺟﺎء اﻟﻣﺎﻟﺣظﺔ: إن ﻣدوﻧﺔ ﻗواﻋد ﺳﻠوك اﻟطﺎﻟب ﻣﺗوﻓرة ﺑﺷﻛلﻛﺎﻣل ﻓﻲ ﻣوﻗﻊ اﻟﻣﻧطﻘﺔ pdf Code_of_Student_Conduct_Arabic.

واﻟﻣﺟﺗﻣﻊ، اأﻟﺳرة ﺗراﺑط ﻣﻛﺗب ﻣن أو ﻣدرﺳﺗك ﻣدﯾر ﻣن ﻣطﺑوﻋﺔ ﻧﺳﺦ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺗوﻓرة اﻟﻣدوﻧﺔ إن اإﻟﻧﺗرﻧت ﻣوﻗﻊ ﻣن أو 215-400-8481 رﻗم ھﺎﺗف www.philasd.org/language/arabic



https://webapps.philasd.org/stor/Code_of_Student_Conduct_Chines e.pdf 查看《学⽣生守则须知》的中⽂文版本。 您可以向校⻓长办公室索取

《学⽣生守则须知》的印刷件, 或者拨打电话 215-400-8482 或登陆

www.philasd.org/language/chinese 索取该⽂文件。


PRIÈRE DE NOTER: le code de conduite de l’élève est disponible dans sa totalité sur le site du district au https:// webapps.philasd.org/stor/Code_of_Student_Conduct_French. pdf Le Code est disponible en imprimé chez votre principal ou au Bureau de la participation des parents, de la famille, de la communauté et des partenariats à base confessionnelle (Office of Family and Community Engagement) au 215-400-8483. www.philasd.org/language/french


ស” រករ_សម_គល(៖ eនប_œ ងរ_ ៃ   _ប_        ែ  នសងៗeន4ទ6ត នក្េ   :;េ   _

_អងន( គ_ ស” មទរ_ទeង_ មជឈមណឌ Bលបបក _ នលម ២១៥-៤០០-៨៤៨៤។ www.philasd.org/language/khmer



ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, ОБРАТИТЕ ВНИМАНИЕ: С полной версией Правил для учащихся можно ознакомиться на вебсайте округа https://webapps.philasd.org/stor/Code_of_Student_Conduct_Russia n.pdf Распечатанные Правила можно получить у директора


школы или в Управлении по Делам Семьи и Задействованию Общин (номер телефона 215-400-8485 или вебсайт www.philasd.org/language/russian


NOTA: El código de conducta del estudiante completo está disponible en el sitio Web del Distrito – https:// webapps.philasd.org/stor/Code_of_Student_Conduct_Spanis h.pdf La copia impresa del código está disponible en la oficina del director de su escuela o en la Oficina del Compromiso Familiar y de la Comunidad, teléfono número 215-400-8489 o en el sitio Web – www.philasd.org/language/spanish


Xin Chú Ý: Nội dung của Nội Quy Điều Lệ Nhà Trường có trên trang web https://webapps.philasd.org/stor/ Code_of_Student_Conduct_Vietna mese.pdf Hiệu trưởng hoặc Văn Phòng Gia Đình Và Cộng Đồng đều có bản in của quyển nội quy này, xin vui lòng gọi số 215-400-8486 hoặc đọc trên trang web www.philasd.org/language/vietnamese.



  • The information in this handbook may be updated during the course of the school year
  • The latest version is available on The School District’s website – http://www.philasd.org
  • For copies in languages other English, please contact The Translation and Interpretation Center at phone number 215-400-4180.
  • The School District of Philadelphia does not discriminate in employment or education programs or activities based on race, creed, color, national origin, religion, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation (known or perceived), gender identity expression (known or perceived), sex, handicap, disability, nationality, citizenship, union membership, or limited English proficiency.
  • This policy of non-discrimination extends to all other legally protected classifications.
  • Publications of this notice are in accordance with state and federal laws including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  • School District of Philadelphia Education Center 440 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19130 215-400-4000