Community Member Digital Learning Expectation

At this time, it is not expected that schools will return to virtual learning. However, if virtual learning returns, The School District of Philadelphia will continue to strive to provide a healthy, safe, and positive learning environment for all of our students. To promote these conditions, school community members will still be held to the expectations that are outlined in this document.  Additionally, the guidance below should be followed when using any technology as a student in the School District of Philadelphia to promote cyber safety and respect for all community members.


The safety of our students is of highest priority to the District. We encourage parents/guardians to review responsible and safe usage of technology with their children. For example, child(ren) should be reminded not to share their passwords, their location, or any personal information on the internet. Additionally, some internet sites have content that is inappropriate for children so parents/guardians are encouraged to regularly monitor the websites their children are visiting.


If parent/guardians identify a security and/or safety problem with the school computers and/or educational platform, they should notify a school administrator (I.e., principal, assistant principal) immediately.


Students should also practice internet safety and can visit the Office of Educational Technology for resources.