Dress Code Expectations


Students are expected to follow their school’s dress code so that their appearance does not constitute a health or safety hazard. School principals must determine, in collaboration with their school community, what the uniform policy will be and then communicate that decision before the start of the school year. For information regarding a school’s dress code, please consult the school’s handbook.


Please Note:

  • Principals may declare “spirit” or other themed days and allow students to wear school spirit shirts, or schedule dress-up days (when school pictures are scheduled). They may also allow students to wear other attire for extracurricular activities (athletics, band, or chorus, etc.).
  • A dress code violation shall not result in exclusion from the classroom environment or virtual classroom.
  • Nothing in the Code of Conduct restricts or bans students from wearing religious garb. Parents with concerns regarding religious dress are encouraged to discuss them with the school principal.
  • Students have the right to dress in accordance with their stated gender identity and/or expression within the constraints of the school’s dress code.