The School District of Philadelphia takes all violations of the Code of Conduct seriously, including allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination. A School Administrator or designee will conduct investigations into any alleged Code of Conduct violation. This includes conduct that occurs off – grounds, virtually, and/or after-hours (including weekends), if the conduct materially impacts the school community (meaning the conduct has a noticeable or considerable impact).


Schools should refer to the investigation stepper for a complete guide on conducting an investigation.


Important Notes:

  •  Some alleged conduct may require a notification to the Philadelphia Police Department
  • In schools with a School Safety Officer (SSO), the administrator should notify the SSO prior to making any police
  • Those schools without a safety officer are directed to contact the PPD and their School Safety Area Manager.
  • Some alleged conduct may require a notification to Childline as School District employees are mandated reporters.
  • If the complaint includes allegations of sexual harassment, sexual violence, or harassment based on sexual orientation, notify the Title IX Coordinator before proceeding with an investigation or discipline.
  • Parents/Guardians must be notified of all serious incidents involving their student/s however, schools do not need parent permission to conduct an investigation or obtain statements related to alleged misconduct.
  • At times, it may be necessary to share some information about a serious incident with the school community (parents and students). Schools should conference with the Assistant Superintendent who will reach out to the Office of Communications when considering if a letter/communication will be sent.

·       In some cases, Central Office and Employee Labor Relations will lead or be involved in a school’s investigation.