Student Transition Center

Welcome to the Student Transition Center

The School District of Philadelphia is dedicated to providing support and services to students that are returning from delinquent, dependent, or mental health facilities. When students are provided with educational and community resources, social emotional skills, mental health services and restorative practices, they are more likely to be successful. Quality educational programs and services are critical for the positive development of all youth.

The STC team uses a holistic approach by exploring educational options for youth and assigning them to schools that best support their academic, social/emotional, and behavioral needs; while collaborating with parents, schools, and community partners and resources.

Pathways to the Student Transition Center

  1. Return from Residential Treatment Facility (RTF): students court-ordered or referred by the Department of Human Services, Philadelphia Juvenile Probation, or Community Behavioral Health (CBH).
  2. Congregate Care: dependent or delinquent students from a court-ordered congregate care placement or detention center.
  3. Long-term hospitalizations: students discharged from to a mental/behavioral health in-patient and/or partial hospitalization
  4. Resource Home or Shelter: students returning from a out-of-district placement and placed in a foster home or shelter.
  5. Camelot Referrals: as a result of a disciplinary hearing, students are referred from a disciplinary program

Students who discharge from delinquent facilities, dependent placements, or long-term hospitalizations (30+ days or more) will continue to be referred to the Student Transition Center (STC) and attend programming for 10 days.

This 10-day program will be co-located with the Opportunity Network-Reengagement Center offering academic planning, social emotional supports, restorative practices, mentorship, case management, identification of school assignments and referrals to community resources.

Our records request process has changed. Please take time to click on the record request process that explains the protocol for requesting student records from outside agencies for students transitioning back to the district from a placement.

Please complete the form accurately and in its entirety to ensure we have all the necessary information to complete your request.

Student Transition Center (STC) Service Model

SDP Goals and Guardrails Alignment: Student Transition Center (STC) Services

Guardrail 1: Welcoming and Supportive Schools

Transition Support Services. The STC case management team facilitates transition meetings with student, parents/guardians, school teams, and key stakeholders to ensure that students are welcomed into the school environment and are offered appropriate support and services.

Guardrail 2: Enriching and Well-rounded School Experiences

Promote Student Success. The STC team promotes student success through academic support, case management services, mentorship, goal planning (academic, social/emotional, and behavioral), and crisis prevention/intervention support. Helping students identify school activities that will help them transition successfully back into a school and community environment.

Guardrail 3: Partnering with Parents/Family Members

Collaboration and Community Engagement. The STC team values collaboration by bridging partnerships with parents, district departments, school teams, external/community-based agencies, and to create a network of resources for students and families. Students will be exposed to mentorship, community resources, employment opportunities, leadership skills and activities.

Guardrail 4: Addressing Racist Practices

Student Advocacy. The STC team creates a trusting environment that informs students of their educational rights within the School District of Philadelphia. We advocate for appropriate school placements based on student academic, social emotional needs and behavioral needs for students returning back to the school district.

Our Partners

District Partners

  • Opportunity Network-Reengagement Center
  • Office of Specialized Services (OSS)
  • Office of School Safety – Mentor
  • School Climate and Culture – Relationship First

External Partners

  • Community Behavioral Health
  • Juvenile Probation
  • Department of Human Services

Contact Information


440 N Broad Street, Portal D, 2nd Floor Suite 243, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Phone Number

215-400-4830 Option 5