Office of Student Engagement and Achievement

Our Vision

Students having the power to inform, influence and shape reforms, policies and practices to be reflective of the realities, needs, and solutions from the student perspective.

Our Mission

To inspire, engage, and support student achievement by creating systems that allow students to become authentic co-owners of our schools, sharing responsibility for every student becoming college and career ready.

Student Mental Health and Trauma Resources

Mental health conditions can feel debilitating and scary, making some learners retreat inward rather than seek help. Students, parents, and educators looking for information can utilize these resources to find the support they need to help our students live healthy and prosperous lives.

GSA Facilitator’s Handbook

This is your official facilitator’s handbook for Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
youth group preparation, facilitation, and maintenance. Treat this as your manual
for starting a GSA, how to create group agendas and topics, sample icebreaker
activities, conflict resolution, team building, youth empowerment & more!

Mentor Organizations

A list of 22 unique partner organizations who listed “mentoring” as a program structure/delivery method in their School Partner Agreement (SPA) with Office of Strategic Partnerships.

District-Wide Gender and Sexuality Alliance(GSA)

If you are interested in being part of a district-wide GSA that will have a hybrid model(virtual and in-person), please complete the form completely.

Director: Tyler J. Wims, MS

Program Coordinator: Montrell Duckett, MSW