Visitors to Campus


School Visitor Expectations


Parents/guardians are encouraged to make arrangements to visit schools and meet with teachers and administrators about their student’s progress. To ensure that all of our buildings are safe and successful learning environments, all visitors must first report to the main office to sign in, state the reason for their visit and receive authorization from a school administrator to proceed with the visit. Visits to your child’s school should be scheduled in advance whenever possible. School administrators cannot guarantee a meeting at the time of an unscheduled visited but will respond to your concerns as soon as possible.


Parent/guardians who do not comply with community members expectations addressed above in the Code of Conduct and pose a threat to the school community may be excluded from the school for a period of time, or the duration of the year depending on the circumstances. During the exclusionary period, they will not be able to enter school property without an appointment approved by school administration. If necessary, parent/guardians will also be referred to the Philadelphia Police Department.