While learning continues to remain virtual, the protocols for reporting an absence and requesting a substitute have changed. Please utilize the resources provided below to ensure you are following the correct procedures. The Aesop system will be used to capture school-based time off.  School staff will record absences for seven absence codes by entering in Aesop online or calling Kelly Educational Staffing (KES) at 855-535-5955. This data will automatically feed to Advantage’s HRPROD at the time payroll is submitted without the need for Payroll Secretaries to enter in absence codes. If a teacher, counselor, or principal needs a substitute for a reason not listed above, they should use the code “Code Outside Aesop” in Aesop.

Click here for Absence Procedures and Resources.


Contact Information:

To add, delete or modify an absence in Aesop or to retrieve Aesop usernames and PINs, contact Kelly Scheduling Team:

Phone: 855-535-5955  or  Email: kesschedule@kellyservices.com

For all other questions, contact SDP Substitute Services:

Phone: 215-400-7827  or  Email: ssuhelpdesk@philasd.org


Additional Resources: