Have you heard of Edcamp, but are not sure what it is?

Edcamp is a creative way for teachers to develop professionally. The learning is decided by the educators who show up on the day of the Edcamp. Edcamps are free unstructured conferences where educators create the session offerings and move with their feet to explore their interests, make connections and collaborate with like-minded educators.

How to Edcamp:

1. Register on Cornerstone

2. Show up and go inside to the registration table. Make a name tag.

3. Sit anywhere you like.

4. Write down a question about something you want to know about or write down a topic you would like to share on sticky notes. Then, bring it to the big session board and post it.

6. An Edcamp organizer will help you decide where to place you sticky note. They will be entering your topic on a live google session board.

7. Do not be nervous about putting an idea on the board. You do not need to present. Edcampers sit in a circle in the session rooms and have discussions. The discussions start with introductions and what you hope to learn or share. No formal presentations occur at an Edcamp.

8. The conversations just happen. Edcampers will share resources, best practices and ideas. You just have to be eager to learn and share.

It is that simple. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Cornerstone and register!

For additional questions regarding Edcamp, please contact professionaldevelopment@philasd.org.