High School SBTL Support

The Office of Teaching and Learning provides professional development and coaching for SBTLs at both the K-8 and the High School level.  High School SBTLs are all encouraged to participate in a monthly professional learning series designed to focus on instructional leadership as defined by the SDP Leadership Competencies and further by the Teacher Leader Success Rubric.  In the Office of Teaching and Learning professional learning series, SBTLs will focus on leadership development in the areas of peer coaching and leading common planning meetings and/or department meetings.  The second half of the day will be specific to Learning Networks and with a laser focus on the look-fors each Learning Network is prioritizing for the 2020-2021 school year.  We will also continue to provide the opportunity for SBTLs to participate in bi-monthly site visits during which teacher leaders will have the opportunity to connect with colleagues around the district and observe school settings different than their own. Our work in teacher leadership is directly in line with the Office of Teaching and Learning’s mission to Connect, Share and Grow.

Dates for High School SBTL Leadership Professional Development

SBTLs are expected to attend a full day of development for both Leadership Development and Network Specific professional development once per month.

On each professional development date, the schedule is as follows:

9:00am – 11:00am

  • OTL Leadership Development: SBTLs in Learning Networks 4 and 13
  • Network Specific Development: SBTLs in Learning Network 1 and Innovation

12:00pm – 2:00pm

  • OTL Leadership Development: SBTLs in Learning Network 1, Innovation & Opportunity
  • Network Specific Development: SBTLs in Learning Networks 4 and 13

Register in Cornerstone for the sessions.  All registered participants will be sent a link to a virtual meeting space the morning of the meeting.  Sessions are not designed as  “turnaround trainings” for high schools.  Attendees of the first session in October will be given a needs assessment to inform content in upcoming sessions.

High School SBTL Content Development

SBTLs will also have an opportunity to refine content knowledge and understanding.  These professional development sessions will be facilitated by the Office of Curriculum and Instruction. The content-specific professional development is intended as a “mix and match” structure.  SBTLs are not expected to attend all content area PD, but rather the contents specific to their role and responsibilities within their individual buildings.  Teachers who are not designated as SBTLs but serve as leaders formally or informally in their departments are also encouraged to attend.

DateSubjectTime Topic
Friday, November 13ELA9:00am-11:00amWhen Older Students Strive to Read
Tuesday, November 16Science12:00pm-2:00pmGetting the Most out of the Science Planning Guides
Tuesday, January 26Math12:00pm-2:00pmTBD
Tuesday, February 2Science12:00pm-2:00pmTBD
Tuesday, February 9Social Studies9:00am-11:00amTBD
Friday, February 19ELA9:00am-11:00amGuided vs. Independent Practice: The Effective Transfer from Teacher Centered to Student Centered Instruction
Tuesday, March 2Math12:00pm-2:00pmTBD
Thursday, March 25Social Studies9:00am-11:00amTBD

Register in Cornerstone for the sessions.  All registered participants will be sent a link to a virtual meeting space the morning of the meeting.

Pre-Planned Site Visit Dates

In addition to monthly development sessions, High School SBTLs will be invited to SBTL Site Visits.  SBTLs at a site school will host while fellow SBTLs participate in visiting classrooms.  These visits will take place between 8:00am – 11:00am.  The purpose of the site visits is strictly to allow SBTLs to support each other in leadership development specifically related to coaching teachers, and are non-evaluative.  After classroom visits, SBTLs will debrief on coaching focal points and leadership competencies.

Dates for these site visits are forthcoming.

Questions? Please email Erina Pearlstein at epearlstein@philasd.org.