Meet District Teacher Leaders

The School District of Philadelphia has a wealth of knowledge and dedication among our teacher leaders.  The District is honored to be the home to so many talented teacher leaders, who always put the needs of our students first. Below you will find some of our teacher leaders who exemplify what true leadership is about.

Carol Cuvo

Reading Specialist and English Department Chair

South Philadelphia High School

I love working in a community of teachers who care about the students within their school and even outside of their school. The impact I make on my students is through the belief that all students learn through discussions and fun classroom activities. My classroom is a safe space for all my students. I feel the same way about the support I give our teachers. I believe in creating strong working relationships with my peers where we can collaborate on best practices and work as a team.

Danecia Berrian

Math Lead

William Rowen Elementary

I enjoy being a teacher leader because I love helping and motivating both students and teachers. When I can collaborate with or help inspire one teacher to change their outlook and perspective on achievement than I know I’ve begun to make an impact on the thinking of the people in my school community.


Brenna Murphy

Literacy Lead

Sheppard Elementary

I enjoy being a teacher leader in the School District of Philadelphia because it allows me to build strong relationships with teachers through goal-setting. I am able to support them through collaboration, which improves teaching and learning practices.  John Quincy Adams stated, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” This quote has shaped my mindset as a leader and I will continue to strive to lead with encouragement and compassion.  At Sheppard, we have created an instructional team that meets twice a month. We gather together to analyze data and discuss the needs of each student. After analyzing the data we create action plans, which are visited regularly. This holds all stakeholders accountable. I am very lucky to work at Sheppard, where we work collectively as a team to stay student-centered and promote success for all.

Marc Cohen

School-Based Teacher Leader

Francis Hopkinson Elementary School

I have been at Francis Hopkinson Elementary School for 12 years. The first 8 years as a grade teacher and the last 4, as the SBTL. The transition was a tough one with a big learning curve on the go. I have learned many of the literacy-based interventions and programs that we use. Mrs. Peggy Shriver, the principal at Hopkinson is a fantastic teacher and an awesome roll model. The students see me in the hallways and the classrooms and feel comfortable when working with them. Our teachers and staff are the best in the city and it is an honor to work beside them daily. There has been growth over the past several years. The leadership at Francis Hopkinson sets the tone and I try to follow that example. I feel I have grown in my position. I learn new things every day from the students to the teachers to the staff. I am just part of a great team that makes my job AWESOME!!

Elizabeth Garrett

School-Based Teacher Leader

Cayuga Elementary

I enjoy being a teacher leader in the School District of Philadelphia because I am able to build positive relationships and share my passion for teaching and learning with the students, teachers, administration, parents, and community members. Though there are many responsibilities of a teacher leader, my desire for our Cayuga students to reach their highest potential is at the heart of everything. My experiences have enabled me to motivate and support teachers, watch them grow, and see their students become successful. While working closely with our principal, I am able to share the vision of the school with staff and parents and help promote positive change. Another reward of being a teacher leader is being able to work with the parents, community members and organizations through parent workshops, school events, and school planning meetings. Finally, after all of these years, I love that I am still learning. In addition to reading recommended professional books and scouring educational websites, I learn from the students, new and veteran teachers/staff, our school administrators, and SDP professional development sessions. I know that I am helping to make an impact by our school leadership team’s commitment to growth, our school community’s support and our teachers at Cayuga who continue to succeed in their implementation of District initiatives and improving school achievement.