Monthly Mix-up

We know the first year of teaching can be overwhelming. Using these tid-bits might be helpful to set yourself up for success!

Self-care: Self-care is not selfish. We all need a moment to step back and implement self-care tips so we can continue to serve our students from a “full glass” daily.

Family Engagement: Families are critical components to a child’s success. Here are a few tips to help you create and sustain engagement with your students’ families.

Teaching Strategy: Little tips here and there to help ground you in your practice are important to stay focused without the pressure of a “requirement.” Use these teaching strategy tips as you begin to feel comfortable in your classroom. Remember to make these strategies your own!



Build a support system!


As a first year teacher, it is important to build a system of support for yourself. Being proactive and intentional with building relationships with positive colleagues will support your growth as a new teacher and help you avoid burnout. Check out a few tips for building this support system here.

Family Engagement:

Welcome every student’s family as your education partner!


Assume every family wants the best for their children.  Parents look to you as the expert.  Guide them on what you think they need to do to help their student achieve success.

Teaching Strategy of Focus:

What makes cold calling a powerful way to review content?

See this Grade 7 clip of Ms. Harris from Olney Elementary School.



Do deep breathing exercises!


Deep breathing is the best way to lower stress in the body. Making deep breathing a regular routine can help to slow the heartbeat and stabilize or lower blood pressure. Looking for ways to do deep breathing exercises? The website here features different techniques to reach maximum relaxation.

Family Engagement:

Communicate frequently and in the way that works best for each family!


Whether via phone, email, text message or handwritten notes, communicate with each family in a way that not only reaches them-but also generates a response.  Include positive feedback to build trust and respect and seek translation support from your school if there is a language difference.

Teaching Strategy of Focus:

How can all students respond simultaneously to important checks for understanding?

See this Grade 2 clip of Ms. Core from Mitchell.