Teacher Resource Forum

SAVE THE DATE: October 6, 2018

Program Overview

The Teacher Resource Forum is an annual professional development event where workshop sessions are developed and facilitated by community organizations and school partners while breakout sessions are facilitated by teachers from across the district.  The purpose of the event is to provide teachers with an opportunity to participate in engaging, relevant professional development sessions that will have a direct impact on their instructional and collaborative practices. This program is a way to promote strong relationships among home, school, and community stakeholders by giving them a forum to share resources and create a space for teachers to network while engaging in learning experiences together.

Participants & Compensation

Teacher Resource Forum is advertised the Teacher Information Board, and through teacher and principal e-mail distribution lists. Prior to each event, participants should register for three 75-minute sessions Eventbrite. Participants should bring a fully-charged laptop and any relevant planning materials to each session. Participants should also be ready to practice and apply the new content and be open to feedback from colleagues and facilitators.

While participants in all roles that support our students are welcome at the Teacher Resource Forum, payment and Act 48 credit will be awarded solely to participants categorized as Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers within the district. Employees classified as “other than teacher” cannot be paid.  Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers will receive 3.75 Act 48 hours and payment at the contractual hourly PD rate for each session they attend. Counselors will also receive 3.75 Act 48 hours but cannot be paid. Payment takes six-to-eight weeks (three-to-four pay cycles) for processing.

Thank you to our Participating Community Partners!

Thank You to our Participating School District of Philadelphia Offices & Departments!

For additional questions regarding Teacher Resource Forum, please contact professionaldevelopment@philasd.org