Thomas M. Peirce Survey – Potential Relocation Sites

About the Two Potential Relocation Sites

About L.P. Hill: currently houses two local non-profit organizations: Nursing Education Training (N.E.T)  and the Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) and the School District’s Training Center for Building Engineers

About Pratt Early Childhood Center: 
this site currently houses Head Start classes

What’s the Same for Both Locations:

  • would require shuttle service (provided by the School District) from Peirce to the new location  — about a 10-minute ride to either site
  • have a dedicated entrance for use by Peirce students, staff and families
  • provide the needed classroom space
  • have ample on-site parking available
  • can support continued access to instructional technology
  • have gym spaces that would need to be shared with current occupants

Differences Between the Two Locations

L.P. HillPratt Early Childhood Center
Walking Distance from Peirce about a 30-minute walkabout a 15-minute walk
Cafeteria Service
full-service cafeteria supports on-site meal preparation (cook-and-eat) for more food menu optionscurrent heat-and-eat meal service continues
Otherauditorium shared with NET, 6 additional classroom spaces availablecafeteria shared with Head Start

Thomas M. Peirce Survey - Potential Relocation Sites