Traveling Agriculture/Farm Program

Can’t come to the farm? We’ll bring the farm to you!

Fox Chase Farm offers the opportunity for our educators to travel with certain animals. If you would like us to come out to your school, email us with a couple of dates, time, number of students, and what lesson you would like. Any questions, please email Mandy Manna at   *All lessons can be modified for different grade levels.*

Lessons offered in school:

Fill the Bill: What do chopsticks, tweezers, straws, and nutcrackers have in common? They all can be used to simulate different ways that birds eat food. Students will discover that bird beaks are adapted for specific types of food; describe how adaptations work; and, give two examples. 3.1.K.A5, 3.1.4.A5, 3.1.8.A8

Pediologist for a Day: Dig deep into what soil you have in your back yard! What kind of plants can you grow in your yard? Become a pediologist and investigate two types of soil at the farm. Students will engage in a hands-on experience to test soil and hypothesis what we can grow in acidic soil verses alkaline soil. 3.3.1.A1, 3.3.7.A2

Pelts: Students will identify pelts and facts about each animal. Through this activity student will learn the processes of trapping and how trapping is used for research and educational purpose. 3.1.4.C2

Skull: Students will learn about animal teeth and how teeth can determine if an animal was a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore. Students will also learn how to use a dichotomous key to identify skulls. 3.1.4.C2

Veterinarian: Students will become a veterinarian for the day and examine a live rabbit! Students will examine the ears, eyes, mouth, and listen for the rabbit’s heart beat! 3.1.7.A7