“The power of perception can hold an exorbitant amount of power in influencing the course of someones life. The Southwest Leadership Academy aims to provide an unshakable positive framework to each childs formative experience. By pursuing the positive development of every aspect of the child through a single gender framework, the school supports the growth of leadership in each scholar. The goal of the education institution is to equip students with the ability and fortitude to believe in their importance, know their potential, and seize their opportunities. These are all fundamental concepts of leadership. Through the transformation of our student body, the school ultimately aims to transform the community of Southwest Philadelphia by infusing leadership, integrity, courage, concern, and scholarship back into the community.”

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Academic Highlights

By educating students on character through the leadership and counseling program, students will understand the appropriate way to socialize with peers. Peer mediation and group sessions will help students express themselves in a way that is conducive to growth.

Single Gender Learning
This unique program offers a specialized and rigorous educational paradigm, based on the well-researched theory that the female brains develop differently from male brains throughout adolescence. This philosophy is derived from The Gurian Institute in Colorado.

Core Subjects in Math and ELA
Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School has Math and ELA PSSA scores that exceed both the charter and district averages in Philadelphia. Through rigorous instructional practices that challenge students to think critically, Southwest Leadership is able to drive student learning.

Course Offerings

African American Studies, Art, Art Appreciation, Basketball, Biology, Character Development, Choir/Choral Music, Computer, Creative Drawing/Painting, Creative Writing, Dance, Debate/Mock Trial, Drama, Engineering, Financial Literacy, Fitness, Guitar, Health, History Of Step and Hip Hop, Meditation and Yoga, Mindfulness, Music, National Honor Society, Personal Development

Extracurricular Activities

Academic Enrichment, After School Program, Art Club, Ballet, Basketball, Board Game Club, Book Club, Dance, Fitness Training, Games Club, Hip Hop Dance, Mentoring Club, Photography Club, Robotics, Step Team, Student Council/Government, Track and Field


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    Charter Renewed

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    Charter Renewed

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