Student Records

Students, alumni, businesses, corporations, and legal entities in search of official student records.

Alumni, businesses, corporations, and legal entities.

Select a Topic Below for more information on how to request official records.

Current Students

Contact your school directly for a copy of your records including your transcript.

District Offices, Schools & Staff

Click here to access resources for archiving student records.

School Board Policy 800 guides records management throughout the District.

Request Records

**Please note that there is a $5.15 processing fee for each mailing address.

Request Transcripts

Costs & Application Links

  • Recent graduates (graduated in the last 12 months) – Fill out THIS FORM | Cost: Free
  • AlumniFill out THIS FORM | Cost: $10.00 first copy, $3.00 additional copies
  • InstitutionsFill out THIS FORM | Cost: $11.85 each
  • Legal Entities – Fill out THIS FORM | Cost: $11.85 each
  • Current students – Please contact your school directly. Please note that only the parent and/or guardian listed on the student’s school record will be granted access to copies of the student’s records.

All transcripts are sent electronically. If you need to send your transcript directly to a school or business, please use their contact information instead of your own.

Replacement Diploma

For Alumni – Fill out THIS FORM | Cost: $10.00 each

  • Replacement diplomas are 8.5 x 11″ certificates similar to what you receive at graduation.
  • They are made by a print shop and are mailed directly to you.
  • Replacement diplomas take several weeks to ship.
  • There are no expedited shipping options.
  • For more info on replacement diplomas, click HERE.

Verification of Graduation

For institutionsFill out THIS FORM | Cost: $11.85 each

This link is to be used by businesses, postsecondary education institutions and/or government entities only to verify a former student’s graduation.

Subpoena Requests

For legal entitiesFill out THIS FORM | Cost: $30.85 each

This link should only be used by attorneys or legal entities requesting a student record. You must also provide a duly authorized subpoena and/or signed consent from the family.

Special Education Folders/Student IEPs

Request copies of student IEPs

Student Files

Student files contain enrollment documents, home language surveys, proofs of residence, immunization records, proofs of birth, FERPA request logs, parent identification and/or custody paperwork.


What is electronic delivery?

What do I need to understand about receiving electronic documents? Electronic documents are a secure and safe way to provide records. It is a certified pdf. Upon completion of your order you will receive an email from Scribonline that contains a link. When you click on the link, within 1-2 hours another email will be sent to you that will provide the needed “Validation Code”. After clicking the link & entering the code you will be able to download and view your document. A separate email will be sent for each document sent. You can save the document to your computer.

Can the credentials for the documents I received be authenticated? Yes, please direct the receiver of the documents to

What should I consider when ordering electronic transcripts?

The first thing to determine is what method of delivery: will the agency, business or school accept? Will they allow you to forward the electronic document information to them, or do they require that it be sent directly to them?

Note: If an official transcript is needed for an agency, school or employment. Please provide to us in the pop-up “Add delivery address” field the full name and address of the agency, school or business.

The official transcript will be delivered to you via e-delivery and you would then forward it to the agency, school or business.

If your college or employer requires that they receive the electronic document directly and that they will not accept it from you. Please provide the email address of your contact at the college on the order instead of your own. In this circumstance, Do NOT provide your email address anywhere on the order.

For an unofficial copy if you provide your own mailing information in the pop-up “Add Delivery Address” field of the order a student “unofficial” copy will be e-delivered.

My school advised that they are part of the Scribbles etranscript network. What does that mean?

If your college or trade school is part of the Scribbles etranscript network. The transcript will automatically be electronically delivered to a pre-set email that the school has previously set up with ScribOrder. The document will not be sent to the email address that you provided on the order. Please check with your educational agency to find out if they are a part of the Scribbles/ScribOrder etranscript network.

What if the agency, school or employer wants to receive the electronic document directly?

If your college or employer requires that they receive the electronic document directly and that they will not accept it from you. Please provide the email address of your contact at the college on the order instead of your own. In this circumstance, Do NOT provide your email address anywhere on the order.

How long do the electronic documents remain accessible? The time line and number of views will be outlined on the Certified PDF Student Record Delivery email. Generally you will be allowed a total of 4 views over the course of 60 days.

If I put notes or email addresses in the “Special Instructions” area of my order. Will the electronic transcript be delivered to that email address?

No, the electronic document will only be sent to the email address provided on the order or to the pre-set email if your school is part of the etranscript network. We do not have the ability to modify of change the email information.

Can my replacement diploma be set electronically?

No, orders for replacement diplomas are the only document type that will be sent via USPS. Replacement diplomas are certificates created and typeset by a print shop, much like students receive at the time of graduation. They are not a photocopy and are not an electronic document. A replacement diploma cannot be sent electronically

Official transcript vs Unofficial - What's the Difference?

Transcripts are made from the grades/credits earned for each year of high school that a student has fully completed and for each class that was successfully completed/passed. An official transcript is a high school transcript with an electronic seal. An Unofficial transcript is a student copy and would be marked with “Unofficial”. It would not have our District seal. Please check with the receiver to determine their need.

I am a minor or parent of a minor. Where can I get student records?

In most cases, records for current students and minors are at the school. Please contact the school directly. 

  • Active minor-age students (under 21 yrs of age) that live out of state or outside of the United States Please have your current school or the school with which you are applying, contact the last Philadelphia Public School directly with their formal request.
  • Schools or agencies seeking records of minor-age students – Please contact the last Philadelphia Public School directly with your formal request.
  • Legal requests for active minor-age students, including subpoena or court orders Please contact the Office of General Counsel via email at
    Please note, “Office of General Counsel – Minor Age Student”, in the subject line or contact The Office of Records Management for guidance or direction.
  • Requests from the Social Security Administration for minor-age students – SSA Requests should be sent directly to the student’s school to be completed.

I am an attorney requesting student records for a minor. Where can I get them?

Attorneys or legal entities seeking records for a minor or student currently attending a School District of Philadelphia school should direct their requests to our Office of General Counsel by emailing with “Office of General Counsel – Minor Age Student” in the subject line.

Where can I get my GED records?

We do not hold GED records. Please contact DiplomaSender or the Pennsylvania Department of Education for GED assistance.

Where can I get my 1199c/Adult Center for Literacy records?

1199c/Adult Center for Literacy or 1199c graduates should contact the 1199c/Adult Center for Literacy programs directly.

There is an error on my diploma. How can I get it fixed?

Current Year Diploma Concerns: Students who have concerns about their diploma should contact the school they graduated from directly.

The Office of Records Management processes requests for replacement diplomas only, not original diplomas.

Where can I access a school directory?

For the School Directory, click HERE.

I work for the District and I need to archive student records. Where do I go?

To archive student records, click HERE.

I attended a charter school that is now permanently closed. Where can I access my records?

You’re in the right place – confirm using the list below that your school has closed, then go back to the section on this page that refers to the records you’re seeking and proceed from there!

Act Cyber Charter (December 2019)
Arise (June 2015)
Charter School for Architecture & Design/CHAD (June 2020)
Delaware Valley Charter (June 2017)
Eastern Academy Charter School (September 2019)
Education Plus (2013)
Frontier Cyber Charter (2012)
HopeCharter (June 2013)
lmani Charter (June 2016)
Khepera Charter (June 2019)
New Media (June 2016)
Olney Charter (June 2022)
Stream Academy (2013)
Truebright Leadership Academy (June 2015)
Wakiesha (December 2014)
Walter D Palmer – LeadershipAcademy Charter (December 2014)
World Communications Charter School (June 2017)

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