Discipline Office

The Discipline Office is responsible for assisting schools with the student disciplinary process via the Student Code of Conduct and the Disciplinary Hearing Process.

21-22 Student Code of Conduct

Web-based version of the 21-22 Code of Conduct: Here

The Code of Student Conduct provides an outline of the student disciplinary process for schools and parents/guardians.


Complaint Process for AEDY Referrals:

The AEDY Complaint Process designed to address complaints and concerns regarding any aspect of Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) programs, including placement and exiting decisions, the quality of academic instruction, the provision or omission of language assistance services, and services to students with disabilities to include reasonable modifications. Individuals having complaints and concerns regarding AEDY are required to complete the relevant form below.

AEDY Guardian-Complaint-Process (Updated 1/3/20)

AEDY-Constituent-Complaint-Process (Updated 1/3/20)

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Attendance & Truancy

The Office of Attendance and Truancy offers training and supportive services to schools to help improve student attendance, to account for all District students, and to comply with the compulsory school attendance laws.


Foster Care – School Stability

The Foster Care Point of Contact will be the designated person to serve as a liaison between Children and Youth agencies and the school district to reduce both academic and non-academic barriers for youth in foster care. The point of contact will also interpret the law and legal responsibilities to ensure educational stability for all students.

Student Engagement and Achievement

The Office of Student Engagement and Achievement’s mission is to inspire, engage, and support student achievement by creating systems that allow students to become authentic co-owners of our schools, sharing responsibility for every student becoming college and career ready.

LGBTQIA+ Resources and Support 

This page provides a list of resources and supports for our students who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community. These resources include district polices, information on GSA organizations, local and national resources and more!

Policy 252 Student Name/Gender Change Process 

School Safety Officer Student Complaint

Online form for students to register complaints against School Safety Officers

Title IX

The School District of Philadelphia strives to provide a healthy, safe, positive learning climate for students. In connection with Title IX, harassment and discrimination (including sexual harassment and sexual violence) in any form, are not tolerated. For more information please click the link above.

Bullying and Harassment Policies and Procedures

To report Bullying and Harassment please complete the form found HERE 

Student Transition Center

The Student Transition Center is a one-stop welcome center responsible for school assignments and transition plans for the returning youth involved in juvenile justice, child welfare, behavioral health placements, drug and alcohol placements and homeless and domestic violence shelters.

Student Transition Center brochure


Education for Children & Youth Experiencing Homelessness

We work to reduce and remove educational barriers for youth experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. If you’re a student living in emergency housing, displaced from your housing, a runaway, or a parent or guardian of a student lacking housing, or someone working with students experiencing homelessness and their families, our office is here to help you obtain any assistance you might be eligible for, including education resources, transportation help, and  uniform assistance.

Parent Appeals

If a parent/guardian disagrees with a decision made at the school or central office level, they may submit an appeal. For information on the types of decisions that are eligible for appeal as well as the procedure for submitting an appeal, parents should refer to the Procedures for Appeal Process.

School Selection Appeal Process

SY21-22-Procedures-for-Appeal-Process Form

Multilingual versions can be found here.




Last modified: April 27, 2022