The Office of Prevention & Intervention

Dr. Jayme Banks, Psy.D.,MBA
Deputy Chief of Prevention, Intervention & Trauma

The Office of Prevention and Intervention is committed to providing resources and services in the areas of prevention, intervention, and behavioral health in order to support the social-emotional growth of our students.

The Office of Prevention and Intervention partners with schools to enhance trauma-informed and behavioral practices that are strength-based, culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate and anchored in compassionate relationships. These practices build student resilience and social-emotional competence, which ensures that all children graduate from high school ready to succeed, fully engaged as a citizen of our world.

The Office of Prevention and Intervention provides crisis response and recovery to address individual and school-wide needs via direct support, coaching, and professional development. Our team works with behavioral health and community partners to provide the support that students need to thrive, learn and grow as healthy, happy and successful members of our community.