Welcome to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction. Our office collaborates with members of the school community, from assistant superintendents, central offices, principals, teachers and families to accomplish the goals set by the School District’s Action Plan 3.0 for student success.

Our office provides assistance for teachers to get the most out of their instruction. By finding the best, most data-driven resources for instruction and assessment, we help fine-tune the materials and assessment tools for every teacher to use.

Our goal is to help students build the understanding, knowledge and skills to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

You are welcome to explore out site to learn more about the resources, programs, and people working to build engaging classrooms for learning.


Voter Education Resources

With the goal of increasing student engagement in the electoral process and registering 100% of Philadelphia’s eligible students to vote, voter education content developed by The Office of Curriculum and Instruction, along with content provided by The Committee of Seventy, Draw the Lines PA, Rock the Vote, Philly Youth Vote and many more are now available to use in support of Voter Registration Day in the School District of Philadelphia, and throughout the school year.

Link to resource folder: Voter Education Resource Folder