Student Enrollment & Placement

The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement supports K-12 children and families in accessing the District’s educational programs and services.

About Student Enrollment and Placement

The School District of Philadelphia has a clear vision; for all children to have access to a great school close to where they live. The mission of the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement is to support K-12 children and families in enrollment, registration, and school placement. Our goal is to ensure equitable access for all students across our K-12 schools.

New Student Registration

Registration is for students of all grades (K-12) entering the District for the first time and/or are coming to the District from a different school district.

The School District of Philadelphia offers two ways to register their children in school:

  • Option 1:
    Register using the Online Registration (OLR). The OLR allows families to complete the enrollment process online, from wherever they have access to the internet. Before starting this process, we encourage families to follow all instructions (see below!) carefully and have all of the proper documents in electronic format.
  • Option 2:
    Register using the paper application at the school connecting to the home address (their “catchment” school). Families are encouraged to first, contact their catchment school to see if an appointment is necessary. You must bring the required enrollment documents when registering your child in-person (see Step 2 below: proof of child’s age, immunization record, and two proofs of address).

Ready to get started? Let’s register!

Registering online is easy but does require a number of steps, and a number of documents you’ll need to provide. Be prepared to spend 15 minutes to a half-hour filling out the form online, plus whatever time you’ll need to collect and prepare the documents we’ll need. If you’re registering in person, please collect the required documents listed in step 2.

Step 1

Locate Your Catchment School

Use our online map to find your school, based on your address.

Step 2

Gather Your Documents

  • Proof of Birth
  • Immunization Record
  • Valid Photo of Parent/Legal Guardian
  • Proof of Address (2 forms)

View our Enrollment Guidelines for specific examples of the documents needed to register.

Step 3

Register Online

Need Help Completing The OLR New Student Application?
Try one of our Parent Steppers/Videos

Download a Parent Stepper in your language to help you with online registration.
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If you’re having trouble completing your online registration, email us at

Video 1: Logging on and Getting Started

Video 2: Adding Household Information

Video 3: Adding an Emergency Contact

Video 4: Adding Student Information

Video 5: Resubmitting an Application

Video 6: Adding a Parent at a Different Address

Scanning a Document Using an iPhone

Scanning a Document Using an Android Device

Kindergarten Registration

PLEASE NOTE: Students must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st to start Kindergarten. If your student is younger, consider one of the many Pre-K options also open for enrollment!

School Selection

This process allows students currently in pre-kindergarten through 11th grade to apply to attend any school with available space outside of their neighborhood or catchment area.

Renaissance Charter Schools are Philadelphia public schools that have an attendance boundary but are managed by a Charter company.

If you are finding that your neighborhood school is one of our Charter schools, your school is a “Renaissance Charter School”. You have the option of having your child attend this school, or, having your child reassigned into a District School if the Renaissance Charter school connecting to your home address does not have an available seat for your child.

Renaissance Charter Schools operate like normal neighborhood schools in our District.  To enroll your child into one of these schools, families are encouraged to contact the Charter school directly.

If, however, you need help finding a different school, because the Charter School connecting to your home address does not have available space, we can help.  We can get your child registered in a School District of Philadelphia school.  Simply access the Renaissance Charter Reassignment Form and let us find the next available school for your child.

Want to learn more about Renaissance Charter Schools? Read more about the Renaissance Charter Initiative.

What is a Renaissance Charter School?

A Renaissance Charter School is a neighborhood school that is operated as a public charter school and can only enroll students from the neighborhood, also known as a catchment zone.

What if I don’t want my child to attend a charter school?

You may opt out of a Renaissance Charter School. The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement works with families to find a nearby district school with available space in the student’s grade level and with the student’s academic support program (special education, ESOL, behavioral health, etc.), if applicable.

What if my Renaissance Charter School is full?

Renaissance Charter Schools have enrollment limits and, sometimes, schools reach this limit before all interested families can enroll their children. If this is the case, The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement will work with your family to find a nearby district school with available space in the student’s grade level and with the student’s academic support program (special education, ESOL, behavioral health, etc.), if applicable. If interested, families can apply and be placed on the school’s waiting list.

Ready to find another school?

The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement is eager to work with families to find a Philadelphia School District school. You will be able to make a request to have your student assigned to school. Before completing this application, please ensure you have the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Two (2) Documents confirming your current address. A full list of acceptable documents can be found here. (link coming soon)

Please be aware that if your student is brand new to Philadelphia, there will be additional paperwork needed to complete registration.

Please click here to begin the request process.

Resources & FAQs

Important Terms and Related Forms

  • Parental Delegation
    A “delegation of parental powers” or “delegation of parental authority”(DOPA) is a formal document whereby parent(s), legal custodian, or a guardian gives another person temporary authority over a child’s care and their educational responsibilities.This document must be notarized and brought to the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement to be processed
  • Residency Affidavit
    A Residency Affidavit is used when a parent/legal guardian of a student cannot provide two (2) proofs of residency in his/her name at the time of registration because his/her primary residence is owned or leased by another party and he/she is not receiving any acceptable proofs of residency.This document must be notarized and returned to your child’s school. Residency Affidavit Instructions 
  • Certificate of Immunization 
  • Immunization Exemption Form
  • McKinney-Vento Act
    We ensure that all children and youth experiencing homelessness are enrolled, participate, and have the opportunity to succeed in school. If you or someone you know has experienced a hardship that has led to displacement, please click on the button below, and someone from the Education for Children & Youth Experiencing Homelessness (ECYEH) team will contact you. For more information, please contact the ECYEH Office.

Are you a current District student who has recently moved?

A Current District students who have recently moved have two registration options:

Are you trying to determine which is your catchment school?

Use our school finder tool HERE

Have safety concerns at your current school?

If your concern is specific to your child’s school and staff, we always recommend you reach out to the teachers and principal, first, to try to work together to resolve issues.

  • If you still feel you are not getting the support you seek at your school, please click here for more information.

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