We strive to support day-to-day decision-making by providing schools and communities with understandable, clear, and actionable research evidence that can drive positive change. Our largest projects are guided by the District’s Goals and Guardrails, and our Research Review Committee works with external researchers to support, review, and approve high-quality, externally conducted research in District schools.

ORE is one of five offices within the Evaluation, Research, and Accountability (ERA) division. There are four other ERA offices:

  • The District Performance Office (DPO) drives continuous improvement through the use of high-quality data, aligned accountability systems, and cross-system data integration. They also manage the District’s open data files and process data requests.
  • The Planning and Evidence-based Supports Office (PESO) leads the development of school- and District-level comprehensive progress plans and supports the policy requirements of various federal programs, including Title I, NCLB, and ESSA.
  • The Office of Assessment coordinates administration of five District-wide assessments (Keystones, PSSA, PASA, Benchmarks, and ACCESS).
  • The Office of Data Governance establishes good data use practices, ensures the quality and integrity of available data, and manages Certify, the District’s data quality issue notification method.

To learn more about work across ERA, see our Planned Research Agenda for 2023-24.