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Congratulations to the Department of Transportation Services! We won Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection “Driving PA Forward” rebate to begin purchasing electric school buses!

Click on one of the buttons below to read about our electric school bus purchase and our EPA Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) award!

Transportation Service Announcements

This month the Department of Transportation Services anticipates over 350 schools to return for in person learning this month. Because we expect more students to utilize yellow school buses, vans and sedans over the next several weeks,  Transportation has made a number of service updates that will go into effect this week.  Schools should note the following:

  • Transportation Services has modified our student ridership capacities on yellow school buses from 1 student every other bench to 1 student per bench. Students from the same household will be permitted to sit together. The bench behind the bus driver will continue to remain unassigned.
  • Students will continue with assigned seating in all school vehicles and daily attendance will be taken.  This will assist the applicable Department(s) of Public Health with contact tracing in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 report.
  • Beginning November 16 our department will begin transitioning to a tiered schedule for some schools with all schools transitioning to the tiered schedule in January 2021. School buses, vans and sedans will complete up to three runs at up to three different schools between 5:30AM-9:30AM.
  • Schools should ensure that they have personnel available to receive students during their scheduled AM and PM drop off times because the drivers will no longer be able to remain beyond their scheduled time.
  • The Student Ridership Responsibilities have been updated to reflect that neck gaiters are no longer an approved face covering.  Face shields must now be accompanied by a face mask.  Schools with students that have a medical mask exception should complete a Transportation Action Request (TAR) in order for the exception to be noted.

Careers in the Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation Services is now hiring!

Interested in working for the Department of Transportation Services? Visit our Careers page for more information to learn more about the exciting transportation opportunities available.