The Charter Schools Office (CSO) helps families make informed decisions about their charter school choices. The CSO also monitors performance and promotes high standards in Philadelphia’s charter schools while preserving charter school autonomy and protecting the rights of students and families.

During the 2019–20 school year, 87 brick-and-mortar charter schools in Philadelphia serve approximately 70,000 students. Click below for information about each charter school.

For Cyber Charter Schools, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Charter Schools Office here.

  • About

    The work and staff of the Charter Schools Office.

  • History

    Initiatives to bring quality education to all children in Philadelphia.

  • Schools

    Profiles of Philadelphia’s charter schools.

  • Parent Portal

    Resources and materials for parents and guardians.

  • New Charter Schools

    How to apply as a new charter school operator.

  • Annual Evaluation

    Ongoing reviews of academic, organizational, and financial performance.

  • Amendments

    Changes to charters, and how to make them.

  • Renewal

    The process to renew a charter.

Our Mission

The Charter Schools Office fosters high quality educational opportunities, fair and equitable treatment, and improved outcomes for students and families in Philadelphia through rigorous charter school evaluations, effective oversight and meaningful supports.

Our Vision

All students have equitable access to a system of high quality public schools that challenge them academically, support their well being, and prepare them for success.